Testimonial From UMA & PAL B. BASNAYAT

UMA & PAL B. BASNAYAT“After 7 years, we are proud to perpetuate Li Jinyuan’ dream: ‘To bring Tiens products and opportunities to the four corners of the world every day’.

Of course I had my share of business ups and downs, but I have learned to equally appreciate the good and difficult times, because both situation offer me the opportunity to do better and greater things”. I got up next morning and tried it again, day after day, week after week, month after month of hardwork, commitment and dedication to my dream has turned it into reality of which I am extremely proud. So dream big, hang tough and don’t let anybody steal your dreams”.

For over 7 years, we have been striving to build up a sound, healthy business. The secret remains in the Tiens values: using the products on a daily basis and developing a customer base whilst building customer loyalty at the same time, and directly recruiting to continue our expansion whilst working with each of the 5 STAR who wish to succeed. Events occupy a large place in our business, and we are looking forward to the next Extravaganza 16TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION as well as the Honors in Head Quarter Tiens China In August 3, 2011 !
Our objective remains the same: to take our people to the highest level by showing them all the potential of Tiens through the best events. What motivates us the most is the chance to offer these products and this opportunity to those who do not know them yet. We know that it can mean a radical change for them both in terms of wellbeing, weight control or the possibility of succeeding financially. We would like to thank our Active upline and a great friend, for all of their support. We congratulate and thanks our whole group and our objective remains to take those with desire and ambition into the 8 STAR position and beyond Honorary Status. Tiens gave us the freedom to choose our future.”

He has created a Success Support System iDIAMONDSnet to expand dreams, vision and success oriented mind set. He has developed the business building system. Future is promising for the person who believes in Tiens & iDIAMONDSnet success support system.


  • Never Quit.
  • Keep Your Leaders Close To You, And Have Them Learn And Grow From One Another’s Successes.
  • Be An Example.
  • Use The Products.
  • Look Impeccable.
  • Make A Plan And Stick To It.
  • Use The Promotions To Increase Your Business And Inspire Your Organisation To Do The Same.
  • You’re 100% Responsible For Your Business. You’re The One Who Is Going To Make It Happen.
  • Have People At The Next Event China. One More Person Can Make A Difference.
  • Remain Focused And Motivated; Success Will Not Come Overnight.
  • Set Yourself Goals; Once You’ve Reached One Goal – Aim Higher !
  • Share Your Knowledge And Experiences With Other Fellow Distributors And Attend As Many Events National & International As Possible So You Learn From Each Other.PAL B. BASNAYAT
    Hon. Bronze Lion Distributor
    ID : 88301396