SHAFIQA SURTI ( 8 star )

SHAFIQA SURTI ( 8 star )Shafiqa surti ,educated, married for almost 12 years was trying to find my ground, myself, my personality, Dabbled into much business like boutique, Avon, Tupperware, without satisfaction, when my mother fell ill and the doctors gave up on her.

This was the turning point in my life .i discovered a new field called alternative therapy and herbal food supplement and last but the most important– networking which changed my life forever.

Today my mother is fine and so is my family and i have achieved so much in the past 10 years especially since the past 6 years when my family friend Mr. a. S. Mirza introduced me to Tianshi.the transformation of a housewife to a successful business woman– thank you abdul salam bhai

My 6 years with Tianshi have been one of the most memorable, i had finally found my ground, was recognized for my own merit and adulated and respected by all, and of course earned a lot also, rather still earning.

There are very few chances for a housewife who has stayed at home for a decade but i feel with Tianshi everything is possible, thank you Tianshi ,my up lines, my team, my colleagues, my manager navid sir and all office staff, and last but not the least thanks to my husband for being the best moral supporter, love you all.

Today there is so much more to look forward to. and yes Tianshi is the best!!!