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Testimonial From A.K pandey 8*

Testimonial From A.K pandey 8*
No Road is Long .. When Dreams Are Big..And Sky Is The Limit…………

Testimonial From A.K pandey 8Myself A.K. pandey, before Tianshi I was from small middle class business family Very first I would like to thank that day when I decided to start this enormous and wonderful business which changed my life like a magic.

I started Tianshi on January 2007 when I was not able to pay at least the registration amount because that time my financial condition was very poor but somehow I started Tianshi .the only problem with me was that I was totally dependent on Tianshi for my source of income ,I hadn’t any other option. so, I worked 24×7 and my this problem .proved to be the path to success .

On July 2009 I achieved 8 star and my life changed. I bought a new swift Dzire as my first car which was my dream for many years and then I was a car achiever in 2010 where I got my beautiful new Innova now I am enjoying my both cars.

Today only because of Tianshi I am enjoying my wonderful life with my family. This whole journey was like a dream which started like a nightmare and ended with a success.

I would like to thank Mr. Li jinuan who created this wonderful platform by which an ordinary person can become an extra ordinary and can enjoy their life peacefully. The main thing that I achieved is that I am tension free and enjoying my income with blessing of those who have been cured with Tianshi products.Tianshi gave me chance to visit more than 6 countries and till now I have been 3 times for foreign tours which was a great experience for me as well as for my team.

What I believe that you are creator of your own destiny, choice is yours. “The successful always has a number of projects planned, to which he looks forward. Anyone of them could change the course of his life overnight. For my successful journey I was not only who made it possible but my whole team my great upline late Mr. Vineet bhatnagar (B.L), Ms. Allen how, Dr. vinay srivastava and whole Delhi office staff supported a lot and made it possible. At last only I would like to say that “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials. so keep trying god knows wherever your life also take u turn and make u a successful man.