Testimonial from MRS. POONAM BAHTNAGAR
MR. VINEET BHATNAGARMyself Vineet Bhatnagar had lost my father when I was a student of class 10th in the year 1983, from then I started career by myself by doing a lots of private jobs. In the year 1991 I got married with my lovely wife Poonam Bhatnagar and then I have started my business and led a happy life. Suddenly one day my elder brother met with an accident by bus and injured his leg. After some time, he slipped in his bathroom and injured another leg too. And since then, he had been on medication regularly for 15 years. The side effect of the medicine resulted and he lost his liver and kidney at the last stage of his life. This incident has opened my eyes and I have realized that we can earn money only when we are healthy and alive. Then I started to search for a business which can secure my whole family with health and wealth. After doing some year business we can get a regular income from that business either we are alive or not.

Meanwhile, my friend Mr. Sanjay Singh Bora shared with me about TIANSHI. I felt that this was the real business which I was looking out for. So I started with a very small amount of Rs. 16,500/=. After some time, my new business of TIANSHI started growing very rapidly, so I decided to take its Franchisee and do networking through franchisee.

Within a short span of three and half years, I have achieved Bronze Lion levels in this company. Today I feel that my family is much more secure than before. I have got all the things in my life which I was not able to get for the last 15 years. Now till July 2009 I will be Bronze Lion and then I will receive Royalty income throughout my life. Now my family members can purchase any thing which they want, cost is no factor at all.

All this was possible with the blessing of almighty and lots of support from my team. I thank Mr. Li Jin Yuan who has given me this opportunity to do this wonderful business. I am very much thankful to Ms. Ellen Hou who always guide me and help me to lead my team, without her support I can’t manage a team of 6000 distributors. I also want to say thanks to Mr. Vikas Goel, Mr. Sanjay Singh Bora, Dr. Vinay Shrivastav and all Delhi office staff.

In last, I want to share this message to all my distributors that if you want to achieve all happiness in your life within a very short time i.e. 3-5 years than I encouraged you to do TIANSHI regularly as it is necessary to take food regularly or to worship regularly.

Vineet Bhatnagar
Bronze Lion Distributor
I.D. No. 88311001