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Karthika ( Silver Lion )

Karthika ( Silver Lion )My name is M.Karthiga from Erode,Tamilnadu.

Before TIENS,as a housewife I passed away my life without any meaning. In one fortunate day, I came to know about TIENS,and felt,this opportunity is what I was waiting for & immediately signed up.

Have you seen Health & Wealth in same place?

Health & Wealth is like two eyes of Man. For Health,it is necessary to maintain proper functioning of the body to slow down aging process and prevent disease. World Health Organization suggests that if people want to be healthy throughout their life,they need to do the following 4 things,

i) Balanced Diet
ii) Good Sleeping habits
iii) Regular Exercise
iv) Good Emotional Status

In modern sedentary life, is it possible? My health was affected and suffered with many health problems.At that time, I saw TIENS and started to use the products.I surprised and felt that ” TIENS came in my life to save me” My hearty thanks to TIENS products.

TIENS helps me to get Wealth also, when I shared about product’s results, to my friends and relatives it became as a business. I understood about the power of “Word of Mouth” and “Network Marketing”

Network marketing is the only industry in the world which helps to multiply our time and manpower resources without any liabilities and provides FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

If we want to get success the right platform is TIENS!

You can realize this in many moments like me- Learning about Health! Good income ! Good lifestyle ! Foreign trips ! Recognitions ! in 8 star position ! Luxury Car achiever ! now Silver lion & Luxury Yacht Achiever 2010!

It was a great moment in my life-In India Annual Convention Dec.2010 with my family I was recognized as a Yacht achiever by the hand of our beloved President Mr.Li Jinyuan,which gives me more motivation to strive for the much higher goal.

I humbly express my thanks to President Mr.Li Jinyuan for changing our life by giving this wonderful opportunity which fulfills life’s important needs- Health and Wealth.

I want to convey my thanks to our GM,Chennai branch,Mr.Fransiscus and our MD,South Asia pacific region, Mr.Ernie Ting, for giving moral support to us to build the market.

And I thankful to my family and my husband Mr.Arunkumar who behinds me, closed his business for me & supports me!

Let’s fly together.

Be Confident to get success.A truly confident person can never be defeated by anything.

Together we share.

Silver Lion Distributor.