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Testimonial From Easwaran ( Gold Lion )

Tiens india Gold Lion 
Tiens india Gold LionYou might wonder what this topic is about. This is a real story of one such mediocre distributor like you who steered his life as he wished on to success that he turned out to be first Gold Lion from India. Recognition, name, fame and honor might be on your side when you succeed; but exploring their paths and hardships they faced on their way speaks volumes about the person. This precisely fits Mr. Eswaran (Chennai Branch), who was from a well-off family but lost all his wealth in business elsewhere. After this big bolt of failure in life, Mr. Easwaran took up a Security with a monthly salary of Rs.2000, this is when he started his life with TIENS in the year 2004.Infact with his meager monthly income it was hard for him to pay his deposit amount for registration. He says…When I joined TIENS, I had a very big challenge in my heart and it was like a burning desire. Since, I had a failure in my life I got an intuition that this is the right place to win. I started to work hard with full commitments as I didn’t consider TIENS as an opportunity but as a boon.

Now when we look back he has come a long way, things changed.
In spite of so many ups and downs in his life; this man maintained consistently an impressive track record as a distributor in TIENS. Perseverance and steadfast efforts have launched him to this height. From doorsteps as an ordinary Security to an achiever onto the dais of great recognition; Car award, Plane award, Villa award and Yacht award …What not? TIENS simply made it possible .He said.

Mr.Eswaran is very much thankful to his friend C.Vijay Kumar, who introduced him to TIENS and TIENS, for changing his life style and he simply owes it all to his fellow associates without whom he said he would never have achieved this. He never thought he could ever retaliate so fast what he has lost his wealth. And he now remains a pioneer and an inspiration for many of his down lines and other TIENS aspirants guiding them unto success.

Failure is always bitter to taste, in fact no body wants to fail, but still we should learn to move on in times of trouble and carry on the spirit of perseverance and work towards your goal. You decide, you work, and you will win! No body can ever stop you from winning as it is a proven truth which was a reality in so many ordinary people who turned out to be great entrepreneurs in life. Success is no far with TIENS it’s simply possible. Experience it. Bring in the Change.