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Farukh Ahmad ( 8 star)

Farukh Ahmad ( 8 star)We lived in a village which is situated on Bijnor road, makhdoompur, before here I lived in other village. My education is not so good; I passed 10th in two years by art side. Because of my family situation and I did also not want to study more. After it I got married and left studies. After marriage I was busy in daily works such as car driving, hard working laboring because to earn money for my basic needs.

After doing hard work in day or night I could earn a little money only for food for family, just like a animal. After passing 11 to 12 years, I lift my capacity of thinking, my aim, because of all these works. I have no dreams, no goal of life and I did have also a responsibility of my family. So I earned Rs 2500 to 4000. We never think about this money and I was proud about this earning. Because in my village a school teacher earns 2000 to 3000 Rs. So I never listen to others and felt myself great.

Whenever I see any rich person, I thought that he got money by doing illegal works, But I never think about anyone who did not earn money. I can Only think but could not do anything. Needs of my family were increasing and my earning was not up to my needs. When I heard about this business (Tiens), I could not believe it and I denied. I did not know that this work can totally change my life.

At that time I dint even like a TIENS distributor entering my home. But beyond these thing I joined TIENS with out having any knowledge about the business logic.

Now I have the property of one crore rupees. Before 6 years I was a driver. I drive a car only earning for 2500 Rs. But today I have my own car. I earned in 3 years which is today I am earning per month My life style is totally changed and all the people hear my C.D. in other countries also. I have many visa in my passport. I have traveled 10 to 11 countries. I am so happy with my family and a bright future is waiting for me. I pray to God for everyone.

I heartily thank (Respected Shri Li Jiyan) who gave this business to the world.

When I earned, I used only my mind and hard work but today I have the mind and hard work of many people. These people work hard with me such as- all the staff of Delhi Tiens office ? Dr. Vinay Mr. Chandrpal, Rakesh Ji, Vikas Ji and my up line late Shri Vinit Bhatnagar and every person of my team, such as ? Amit Kumar Yadav (Amroha), Mahendra Singh (Nanakmatta), Gurucharan (Nanakmatta), Manoj Chouhan (Naziwabad), Harish (Bareily) Muhajir (Amroha), Ranjeet Singh (Amroha), Rohtas (Amroha), Subhas Rajpoot (Hardwar), Sanjay Rajpoot (Bijnor), Shama (Amroha), Rajiv Sing (Amroha), Aslam (Rudki),Shan (Kichha), Chandrashekher Joshi (Haldwani), Bindu Ray (Mumbai), Chandrashekher (Delhi), Rakesh Patel (Delhi), Aruna Tyagi (Delhi) Anju Tyagi (Delhi), my elder brother Furkan Ahmad and those person who whish me but they are not in this business. By all these people I got success. Today, this business is a gift for everyone from God for those people, who want to do something better for theirself, for their family and the society.

“Anyone who believe to me,
Will became like me.”
Farukh Ahmad ( 8 star )
State ?U.P.
Dist ? J.P.Nagar (Amroha)
I.D.N.- 88313786
Email- mn63333@yahoo.com