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Testimonial from Saikat Gupta

Testimonial from Saikat Gupta

I am working in Tiens since the last 6 years. I feel the most important decision I took in my Iife is that of joining Tiens. I started Tiens business in Bihar, the land of Lord Buddha and Mahavira. It is one of the ancient State of India which boasts of the ?First University of Yoga?, ancient place of learning ?The Nalanda University? and the famous holy place ?Bodh Gaya?.

Due to the the underdevelopment of the State and poor living standards of the people here, I faced lots of difficulties in the initial stage. But I kept on working and kept high the flag of Tianshi. I gave stress on new recruitments and their proper training. From day one, I believed in ?Use the products and tell the Story? theory. I gave personal touch in grooming each and every distributor for a long and successful innings in Tiens. I remember the day when I organized the first BBS in Patna, the capital of Bihar in the year, 2005. The then G.M. of India, Mr. Wang Yu Qiang and Dr. Vinay Srivastava, senior trainer from New Delhi came and both were impressed to see the gathering. At that time there was no Tienslife nor Hypotension Apparatus. But with the very less product range I alongwith my team kept on working with patience. We kept on winning hearts and then I understood the real meaning of ?Distribute Health ? Accumulate Wealth!? The most important day of my life was when I became the First and only 8 Star from Bihar ! I got this great recognition and became a celebrity among all my distributors. They now look upto me as their role model. This became possible only due to the power of Tiens !

I received active co-operation from our Bronze Lion Distributor from New Delhi, Mr. Manoj Kanti Dinkar. Also timely advice and support came from Gold Lion, Mr. Vikas Goyal and the present G.M. of Delhi, Ms. Ellen Hou. Due to Tianshi, I got the rare opportunity to visit foreign countries like Indonesia and Thailand in 2006 and China, Hong Kong, Macau in 2010. Now I have a very big team under me with lots of 7, 6 and 5 Stars. We have our own Training Centre in Bihar, where we give quality
training seven days a week. Since 2010, I am also getting support from the Kolkata Regional Office. I became the Branch Lecturer from there. Really, Tiens have changed my life.

I also started a Quarterly Newsletter for the Tianshi Distributors from Bihar, ?Tianshi Bihar News?, which was an instant hit. I have approx. 55 Demonstration & Training Centres in all districts of Bihar and Jharkhand from where demonstration of Tiens products are being given regularly to Tiens Distributors. I have installed machines in many Govt. Institutions and Wellness Centres. People from every sections of the society here are now joining Tiens in a regular basis.

I got good health not only for me but for my entire family. Due to Tiens I have become Financially Independent. My purchasing power have increased. With the power of Tiens, I have given meaning to my life and also to that of thousands of distributors under me. I have organized more than two hundred Tiens Health camps and seminars and gave quality health to lots of people. Due to Tiens, I have achieved Money, Prestige, Name and of course lots of blessings. I am proud to be part of Tiens and hope to make the vision and mission of our beloved President of Tiens Group, Mr. Li Jin Yuan a reality, in Bihar also. I love Tianshi Co. and its products from my heart and I am now planning to become both Bronze and Silver Lion in the year 2012.

I have a message for all Tianshi distributors: ?Future of Tianshi is in your hands. Keep the Tianshi flag high ! Remain focused and don?t lose patience ! Keep faith in yourself ! Keep faith in Mr. Li Jin Yuan and keep on working. Your dreams will definitely get fulfilled one day !?.

Let?s fly together !!