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tiens Europe Region
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TIENS started in Hungary in August 2000 and is today present in over 20 other European countries: Tiens Europe Region currently consists of Ukraine, United Kingdom, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Tiens East Europe Sub-Region consists of Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Turkey.

With the growth of Europe Region, the company responsible for creating a consistent business strategy, TIENS Europe GmbH, was created in 2006, seated in Berlin, to provide logistic, finance, human resources, IT and sales and marketing support to all European Tiens subsidiaries.
Europe is characterised by a diversity of cultures, different laws and governmental systems and different languages. All together makes the region an extraordinary, unique and challenging market in which the success of a business depends on meeting the variety of needs and tastes that people from all these different countries have.Since the beginning of the twenty first century and all over Europe, the traditional Chinese medicine is becoming the most respected alternative to western medicine because of its holistic approach when addressing imbalances. However, modern civilisation's life style, behaviour and new environmental factors have created new disorders for which in many cases the methods of western medicine are not always the most appropriate. This increases the demand in the European market for Tiens products, which are based on the yin and yang philosophy and provide the western consumer with a yearly programme that cleanses, replenishes, strengthens and balances the body, mind and spirit.
Currently, there are 50 employees in Tiens Europe Region and 90 percent of them are local. Tiens Europe Region is fully prepared to face the challenges of a complex and diverse market.
TIENS Europe Region
10711 Berlin
Tel: +49 (0)30 8009738-0
Fax : +49 (0)30 8009738-22
URL: http://www.tiens.eu TIENS East Europe Sub-Region
Tiens Sp. z o.o., ul.Wilcza 46 lok 211
00-679 Warszawa
Tel: +48-22-6219090
Fax : +48-22-6214207

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