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tiens Europe-Asia Region
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Tiens Group initiated its international business in Russia in 1998. As a basis for the overseas development of the Group, the management staff in the Europe-Asia Region removed all difficulties with hard working, and continuous innovations. They embraced the concept of "Contributing to society by restoring health to mankind", spread the healthy concept rooted in 5,000-year Chinese traditional culture over the Eurasian continent, brought health and wealth to local residents, and made outstanding contributions to the Group's development. After 11 years of sustained pursuit, the business of the Europe-Asia Region has spread throughout 12 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Lebanon, etc.. The number of distributors increased rapidly, and the turnover achieved at a global leading level.

The head office of the Europe-Asia Region is located in Moscow, the capital of Russia. It has a high-quality management team and sophisticated functional departments, including Marketing Dept., Customer Service Dept., Education Dept., HR & Administration Dept., Calculation Dept., Planning Dept., Logistics Dept., and Finance Dept.

Opportunity and Challenge, honor and dreams co-exist. In the future, the experienced Europe-Asia Region team under the leadership of the Regional President will conduct activities related to education and culture to support the market. The team apply the concept of marketing to their sales operation. They adopt specialists and abundant funds to support international logistics, the manufacturing base, and the supermarket of direct selling. Therefore, it is possible for TIENS to aim for higher and higher goals. In addition, an increased number of products and opportunities for education and jobs are available to customers in the Eurasian continent. All of these achievements demonstrate that TIENS strives to promote improving the quality of life and devotes itself to building a harmonious international society. Above all, the employees are working hard for TIENS to attain the Global Top 500 as soon as possible.

فیس بک پر پیج کو لائک کرنے کے لیے یھاں کلک کریں


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