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Tiens awards
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On July 26-27, in succession to Tiens Vietnam Production Base officially acquiring the Halal Certificate presented by Indonesian LP POM MUI organization in 2010, the group has successfully passed the review of "Halal Guarantee System" for the second time.

On July 14, over 40 teachers and students of the Inner Mongolia Suniteyou Banner Summer Camp and leaders from local Red Cross Society visited Tiens Group. To express their sincere thanks for the support and attention from Tiens Group for local charity works, Ms. Bao, managing deputy president of the Red Cross Society of Suniteyou Banner, on behalf of the Red Cross Society and the Committee and the Government of Suniteyou Banner, presented Tiens Group with the medal of "Social Donation, Loving School Support, and Charity Enterprise", and also a silk banner featuring "active in charity works, and make donations to school."

On July 8, the "2nd China's Information Industry Academic Conference & China's Information Technology Academic Achievement Award Ceremony" sponsored by the China Information Association was held in Qingdao. With the outstanding achievements on "knowledge management", Tiens Group was awarded the honorary title of "China Outstanding Informatization Academic Award Transformation Base," and the award is the highest national award in China's information theory research area.

On July 4, Tiens Indian Branch Company acquired membership in India Direct-Selling Association. On July 12th, Ms. Alka Gurnani, business manager of the association visited Deli Branch Company, and handed the approval paper to the manager of Deli Branch Company in person.

In July, CPC Tiens Group Party Committee and Chairman Li Jinyuan won the honor of “Advanced Party Committee” and “Friend of CPC Founding” respectively. The prize is jointly presented by United Front Work Department of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Tianjin CPC Non-Public Sectors of the Economy Organization Working Committee in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of Chinese Communist Party, so as to commend advanced organizations and personnel, promote rightful deeds, and inspire party organizations at all levels and the vast number of party members, as well as workers dealing in party affairs working in the non-public sectors of the economy organizations to excel in their performances and build up establishment in reforming and opening up, as well as modernization of socialism construction.

In July, sponsored by Tianjin Enterprise Association and Tianjin Entrepreneur Association, 2011 Tianjin Outstanding Enterprise Website Evaluation Activity Award Ceremony was held in a grand style at Huacheng Hotel. Tiens Group KM System was awarded with the tile of "2011 Tianjin Outstanding Enterprise Website".

On May 27, we learnt from the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce that, "TiENS" trademark of Tiens Group and Tianjin Tianshi Biological Development Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Well-known Trademark" from the State Trademark Bureau. It is a fruit of Tiens Group to insist the global development strategy and adhere to build the international brand, the affirmation and support of Tiens Group by relevant government departments and the community over the years.

On May 18, Tiens Group CSR Report Meeting and Release Ceremony of the "2011 Tiens Group CSR Report" was successfully held. Tiens Group has been making consistent efforts to ensure scientific, standardized, and regularized business operation in its sixteen years of development. It is committed to become an international brand in China's domestic direct selling industry. Apart from making sustainable development, it never forgets to shoulder more social responsibilities, and have made its due contribution to accelerate economic development, and enhance harmonious and healthy social development. So, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) conferred the Group the award of "CFPA Charitable Company", and also presented board chairman Li Jinyuan with the certificate of "Honorary Advisors of Maternal and Infant Health Project" for the Group's contributions to charitable works.

On May 17, "Tianjin City Health-Preservation and Functional Food Technical Engineering Center" was founded with the approval of Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission, marking that the R&D department of Tiens Group has reached the required level as a municipal engineering center and is ready for function. The engineering center will not only serve for Tiens Group, but also provide solid technological guarantee for the development of Tiens Group Comprehensive Health Industry, and meanwhile offer technical services to the whole industry, so as to strive to become a national engineering technical center.

From April 11 to April 23, the testing center participated in the 4 measurement and review activities organized by Liaoning Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau entrusted by China National Accreditation Board For Certifiers (CNAS). The project is an overall evaluation on the testing ability of the lab. Our testing lab has passed the test with excellent marks with the results all being "satisfactory".

On April 22, the "2nd Management Science Prize" Award Ceremony hosted by the Society of Management Science of China was held in a grand style at China Hall of Science and Technology in Beijing. Depending on its outstanding achievements on "management science", Tiens Group was awarded the "2nd Management Science Prize——Outstanding Management Prize". The operational concept and internationalized development strategy of Tiens Group have won high appraisal from the commission experts, who cherished high expectation for the future development of Tiens Group.

In march, due to Tiens' in-depth implementation of a contest themed as "be the pillar of the 11th five-year plan and achieve a relatively high living standard in a harmonious way," and its positive contribution to the task of comprehensively fulfilling the planned goals in the 11th five-year plan period, Tiens Group was titled "a pioneering organization in the socialist labor contest during the 11th five-year plan" by the All China Federation of Trade Unions.

On March 31, Tianjin Tianshi Biological Development Co., Ltd. successfully passed the investigation by Tianjin Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and once agagin get "National Manufacturing License for Industrial Product".

On March 30, organized by China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) and China's Top Brand International Association, the "2010 Commendation Meeting for China's Top 10 Brands in Health-Care Industry Favored by World Consumers" was held at Beijing Diaoyutai Hotel. At the event, Tiens Group was honored the title of "2010 China's Top 10 Proprietary Brand in Health-care Products Industry".

During 20:30-21:30, on March 26, the event of "Low-carbon Life Starts from me——Earth Hour for 2011 TIENS Green Homeland" went on smoothly under the guidance and support of Group leaders. In recognition of the TIENS’ efforts during the "Earth Hour" event, the World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) conferred a participation certificate on the Group.

Tianjin Tianshi Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Tianshi Biological Development Co., Ltd. were conferred the certificate of "Top 50 Enterprises in Tianjin Food Industry 2010" and Tianjin Tianshi Biological Development Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Food Safety Model Enterprise of Tianjin" at the working meeting of Tianjin food industry on March 8.

During Mar. 3-4, CQC (China Quality Certification Centre) Tianjin Appraising Center conducted a two-day review for replacement of new certificates in terms of the operation status of ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO22000 Food Safety Management System in Tianjin Tianshi Biological Development Co., Ltd and Tianjin Tianshi Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. Tiens Group successfully passed the review and was granted the new certificates of "ISO9001 Quality Management System & ISO22000 Food Safety Management System".

On Feb. 18, the production license review panel made up by the Production License Examination Center of Tianjin Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision arrived at Tiens Group and made site review of the dairy production of Tianjin Tianshi Biological Development Co., Ltd., which had successfully passed the examination upon strict review.

"Announcement of Ten Major News of Chinese Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Drawing the Most Attention and Enterprises with the Greatest Potential of Growth in 2010" and "Eighth Chinese Enterprise Development Forum" were hosted in Beijing. In this event, Li Jinyuan, the Chairman of Tiens Group was awarded with the title of "the Entrepreneur Drawing the Greatest Attention in 2010" and Tiens Group was appraised as the "Enterprise with the Greatest Influence in China in 2010"

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