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Tiens Qi Circulation Massager
TIENS designed and manufactured the Qi Massager using the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine which identifies three key constituents of the human body – each performing different functions and stresses the need that all areas are co-ordinated to form an integrated and sustainable unit. The Massager integrates acupuncture, reflex, key point stimuli and massage points on hands and feet. Plus through different ways of using the equipment, such as standing, sitting, laying, all areas of the body can be stimulated, ensuring that the whole body can achieve the levels of co-ordination required to ensure the dynamic balance required. The Qi Massager uses vibration and massage to create a warming and stimulating effect from foot to head. The simple process of walking acts as a pump for our blood to promote circulation. Many of us cannot find the time to walk the 10,000 steps each day needed to receive the maximum health benefit. The Qi Massager can achieve a similar effect through its design which creates a vortex like flow of energy through the key massage points, ensuring the maximum benefit to our body. It will not replace the need for regular exercise, but for many people without the time to spend in gymns or leisure centres and who spend most of the day sitting down, the Massager is an essential home product. The result - a dynamic balance of energy thoughout the body. For discomfort, feelings of tiredness and stress, fatigue and aching muscles, cold feet and hands – use the Qi Massager. The benefits – more energy, the potential to look better and feel better. The Qi Massager can be a life changing product. 15 minutes of use is equal to the benefits of 5 miles running exercise. Easy to use, economic and effective The ultimate demonstration/party plan product!
How to use Tiens Qi Circulation Massager :
One of the major health issues in the 21st century is stress and stress related problems.  Many people work longer hours and have less time to spend caring for themselves. Proper regular exercise, combined with a balanced diet, is a key factor in maintaining  a healthy body. 
Not recommended for anyone -  taking prescription drugs; in the first 3 months of pregnancy :recovering from a major operation;using internal or external powered pumps;children under 8;diagnosed with a major disease/illness.
Please consult your doctor if in doubt.

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