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Tiens Circulation Massager
(D10)Qi Circulation Massager
Artikelnr. :   DQ0200027
This larger machine offers the same type of massage and stimulation as the smaller Qi Massager. It adds the extra of a rotating/vibrating hand massager to the foot plate and also massage belts for the waist and back. Dual speed conrols allow a greater element of adjustment for this Deluxe machine. The palm massager area of the machine energises not only the hands, but also the arms and upper body. Stimulating and invigorating to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue and stress.
How To Use Tiens Circulation Massager :
1.Basic Postures:
1)Oxygen replenishment Posture
Sit on a chair and place your toes at the edge of the contacting plate for about 5 minutes.
2)Adaptation Posture
Sit on the chair and simultaneously place both soles evenly on the contacting plate. After 3-5 minutes you will be able to feel heat on the soles of your feet, it will give you a relaxing feeling .This posture is the basic position for beginners to gradually get use to the machine.
Once you have completed the 2 postures above turn off the massager, stand on the contacting plate then switch the massager on again.
The “Volubility” position will give a highly effective energy boost to the whle body.
2.Suggested positions:
1)Tendon Stretching Posture:
Try to touch the tips of your toes with your hands whilst both legs are straight.
Repeat this procedure several times holding each position for 20 seconds each.
This will help loosen any tight muscles in your legs and make it more comfortable throughout your day.
2)Squatting Posture
Place both your heels on the contacting plate and squat down so both knees are fully bent.
Hands must be holding onto both front handles to keep your balance.
Repeat this procedure several times having short intervals of 30 seconds in between.
3)Sitting Posture
Place a towel on the surface of the massage pad, sit on the massage pad and place your legs at either side of the machine casually stretched out or bent. Put your hands on your legs relax and enjoy. 10-15 minutes is recommended for each time of use in this position.

3.Basic Postures in using the Massage Belt.
Waist and belly posture: Facing the body-shaper place the belt on the waist or belly
Shoulder posture: Stand facing the body-shaper place the belt around the shoulder it can be used on both shoulders in intervals
Chest Posture: Place the massage belt on your chest . This posture is used for key part shaping. 
Buttock Posture: Facing the body-shaper place the belt on the lower part of the buttocks 
You can also sit on the machine and place your legs through the belt for comfort.

Some of the most common symptoms of poor circulation are:
• Calf muscles cramping (including whilst asleep)
• Cold feet and/or hands
• Aching, swollen and tired feet
• Cramping in the feet, legs and buttocks that occurs whilst active and improves with rest
• Varicose veins
• Hands and feet ‘fall asleep’
• Skin becomes discoloured i.e. red, blue or pale
• Infections may be slow to heal or may not heal at all

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