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Tianjin Tianshi College
Tianjin Tianshi College tiens business.
Tianshi College was funded and established in 1996 by Tiens Group, which has invested over RMB670 million so far. Since April 2008, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Tianshi College has become a full-time private college providing undergraduate courses. At present, Tianshi College has over 3,400 full-time students in its 8 faculties, 15 undergraduate programs, and 12 vocational college programs.  
Tianjin Tianshi College 
Tianjin Tianshi College is the first private college founded on 26th July, 1999 approved by the Ministry of Education of China. The College is sponsored by Mr. Li Jinyuan, a famous entrepreneur and philanthropist, CEO of the Tiens Group in Tianjin, China.

Tianjin is the third largest metropolis in China. Tianjin Tianshi College, which is in the Wuqing Economic Development Area, is located between Beijing and Tianjin with the Beijing-Tianjin intercity railway traversing the Wuqing District. It only takes 18 minutes to reach Beijing and 12 minutes to Tianjin proper. 

Getting in and out of the Tianjin Tianshi College is very convenient because of the well-planned transportation system. 

The International Exchange Center 
The College International Exchange Center serves to promote the Chinese language programs throughout the world. We welcome students, friends from all over the world coming to study Chinese in the Tianjin Tianshi College. 
Qualified Teachers and Instructors
The College has qualified native Chinese speakers with BA, MA degrees having profound knowledge and large experience in Chinese linguistics, and Chinese literature. 
Each class has its own form teacher to help organize and design class activities.
Effective Teaching Strategies
Students will be assigned to the appropriate class levels focusing on seeing and hearing, listening and speaking. Flexible approaches to teaching and learning with the help of audio-video equipment, recording and playback devices. The learner-centered approach is an effective way to spend less time and place more dependent work than that of the traditional forms of teaching.
Teaching Programs
There are short-term Chinese language programs and the long-term Chinese language programs.
Touring trips and visits will be arranged to practice Chinese to broaden the students’ views. The duration of the long-term programs varies from one semester, one year, to two years.
Both programs are catered for different proficiency levels of Chinese, staring from the elementary level, leading to intermediate and advanced levels.
The College has full-time Chinese teachers for the daily classes and practices, helping the students to communicate with other students in fluent Chinese to create confidence, thus avoiding speaking the so-called “academic Chinese”.
Scholarship Programs
Scholarships will be granted to the excellent students in line with their scores, performances and class attendance. 300RMByuan will be awarded to the one with full class attendance, and 500 RMB yuan will go to the student with the First Honors. Those who have passed the 8 th Level of HSK will be awarded 800RMByuan, while those of 11 th Level of HSK will get 1,000 RMB yuan scholarship as a reward.
Living Conditions
The accommodations are carefully selected to ensure students’ safety and comfort. A 3500-square-meter apartment building is available for the foreign students with 35 double rooms, a Chinese and Western food restaurant, a chess room, KTV, classrooms and offices.
Students live in a privately run international student residence on the campus. The residence is located in the convenient, comfortable and safe environments. Each room has a private shower and toilet, color TV, desks, chairs, two single beds, closet .
There is a free high-speed Internet access in the room.


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