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TIENS Multi-Function
1. Alpha Wave Energy According to research when people are in deep sleep, the brain forms Alpha Waves, and the longer the Alpha Wave lasts, the better rest and oxygenation the brain will have. When people are in a forest or beside a water fall, or listening to music, the human brain also forms Alpha Waves, leading to a feeling of relaxation and de-stressing. . Experts say that if people stay in the Alpha Wave state regularly, it can: (1) Improve brain function and may increase memory and intelligence levels (Genius Wave) (2) Help you to fall asleep easily (3) Benefit health and beauty (4) Delay some of the symptoms of aging. (5) Aid the natural nightly process of communication and repairing process between the brain and the entire body. German and Japanese scientists discovered that some botanic, mineral crystal and other materials can radiate a natural 8-13 Hz energy, which is a perfect match with the Alpha Wave of the brain. Using this material in the Tianshi pillow means that anyone using it can be relaxed and enjoy a faster and deeper sleep 2. Photon (Far Infra Red) Energy Photon energy, the Far Infra-Red waveband is the part of the light spectrum that is highly beneficial to living things. Between 4 – 14 microns, this waveband is known as the “Ray of Life” and is crucial to the optimal functioning of all life. It ripens fruit, encourages flowering and for humans is the light wave that gives us that instant, extra good feeling on a new Spring day. Without this Far infra-red, we have less energy and many people experience the Seasonal Affective Disorder - the lack of sunlight, leading to depression. 3. Negative Ion Energy The Tourmaline material blended into the pillow can produce negative ions around the head. This gives a relaxed and calming feeling just as experienced when walking in forests. Being near moving water – a waterfall for instance and going out immediately after a rain shower. The air is charged with negative ions which simply make you feel good. Sleep science tells us that for the best sleep we should have a cool head and warm feet, yet many conventional pillows have no way of maintaining a cool temperature around our head. Their contents retain heat rather than dispel it. The Tianshi pillow is stuffed with very small plastic tubes allowing air to flow through it at all times, ensuring a comfortable cool head. This stuffing allows the pillow to adjust to the weight of the head and in its overall design is made to support the neck in its alignment with the spine. Both the stuffing and the cover are washable. For a better sleep, enhanced energy, a more hygienic product leading to fewer allergies, and with its advanced scientific materials, the Tianshi pillow is simply the best there is.

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