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TIENS Acupoint Treas
Acupoint Treasure is a pocket- sized acupuncture appliance; it was designed according to the ancient Chinese Acupuncture Therapy, electric pulse and magnetic therapy to help people with abnormal blood pressure, inflammation, pains and circulation problems etc. When scanning the acupoints and giving the acupoint a certain amount of electrical pulse, it will thus clear and activate the channels and collaterals, promote the microcirculation of the body. This device is also called ‘Green Therapy’, after 10 years of research and clinical application it has proved that the general effectiveness has reached 98.4%, it has been highly recognised and recommended by Acupuncturist all over the world.
How to use TIENS Acupoint Treas
Key benefits:
•• Relieve the discomfort caused by poor circulation
•• Help to improve the disharmony associated with wide range of health issues
•• Helps to overall wellbeing

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