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Mega Open Plan Presentation (OPP) at Delhi
Tiens News 23 June 2017 On Friday Mega Open Plan Presentation (OPP) at Delhi.
Renowned Star Gold Lions and Gold Lions of North came together under the roof of Shah Auditorium, New Delhi on 3rd June, 2017 to conduct Mega OPP for more than 600 people. The theme of the event ‘One decision that can change your life’ was aimed to help people take their life-changing decision to join Tiens.

The leaders gave presentation on various topics. Mr.Sheikh Abu Zaid (SGL) discussed about benefits of network marketing and Ms. Poonam Bhatnagar (GL) shared about successful career in network marketing. Mr. S.S Gupta (GL) shared his rewarding entrepreneurial journey in Tiens. Mr. Pal. B. Basnayat (GL) conducted the OPP flawlessly for the jam-packed crowd, inspiring many with his words. Mr. AK Pandey (SGL) and Mr. Javid Qadir (GL) explained about various types of bonuses like direct, indirect, retail, leadership, excellence and reward bonus. Mr. Manoj Jawa (SGL) who has mastered the NCP elaborated on NCP- how to recruit, how to earn higher bonus amount, etc. Mr. Rajesh Joshi (GL) demonstrated result-oriented product of Tiens. Many people were motivated by the sharing of few distributors about the positive changes in their lives due to Tiens.

It was complete learning package for prospective distributors as it gave an insight into NCP as well as products. Sharing of top leaders boosted confidence of many to follow the fast-track success path of Tiens.

فیس بک پر پیج کو لائک کرنے کے لیے یھاں کلک کریں


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