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Grape Seed Extract Capsules (A16 Huolikang)
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The French are not necessarily known for a low calorie and low cholesterol cuisine. But even with their rich cuisine they are often vibrant till old age. This fact is often called the ‘French secret’. Red wine - so popular in France - contains antioxidants that work as free radical scavengers, supporting normal functioning of the immune system. TIENS Grape Seed Extract capsules are carefully processed through a modern bioengineering method and only grapes of the highest quality are used in its production. They help naturally to maintain arterial health, enhance circulatory well-being and facilitates the metabolism of fat. Free radicals enter the body through numerous and varied means: Stress, smoking, pharmaceuticals, food additives, X-rays, pollution, exercise and many more. The solution to free radical damage is Antioxidants. They are the body’s defence against the destructive qualities of free radicals. 
• To naturally maintain arterial health 
• Enhances wellbeing 
• Aiding antioxidant protection • Aids fat metabolism

فیس بک پر پیج کو لائک کرنے کے لیے یھاں کلک کریں


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