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Celebrate the Anniversary Award and BBS in Pakistan(2008-12-09)
1 Sept.2008 ,over 2800 Sales Teams from all over Pakistan ,as well as senior management teams from TIENS and Bannerstore Pakistan gathered together in Jihna Convention Center to celebrate the 13th Anniversary, and the Inauguration of 4 Bannerstore in Pakistan ,to give recognitions to the Best Man of the Year, both from management team and sales teams!

This occasion is honored by the presence of 2 VIP guests, Mr. Luo Zhaohui, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, and former President of Pakistan, former Head of Senate Mr. Wasim Sajjad!

In their speeches, the Ambassador and Mr. Wasim Sajjad congratulated the 13th Anniversary, as well as the inauguration of four Bannerstoers in Pakistan!

On the stage ,TIENS Vice President Mr. Yan ,South Asia Zonal Manager Mr.Feng thanked the presence ,support and cooperation extended by Chinese Embassy and Mr. Wasim Sajjad.They also appreciated the effort by the Pakistan sales teams and management teams in promoting TIENS business & health in Pakistan.

Then, Special guests gave the Best Man Free China Tour Award to the 2 Management Staff. Mr. Yan gave Award & badge to the first GL in South Asia.

Mr.Feng gave the Award & Badge to the 2nd SL in the Country, followed by Mr. Xu Yong, Bannerstore Overseas Business Development Manager who gave the Int’l Free Tour Awards to the 3 new BL.

Mr. Yan, Mr. Feng and Pak MD gave Brand Cars to 6 new prepaid car holders who qualified the 8*-top 20-25000GPV assessment, with difficulties!

All 8* got the new badges, and dozens of new 7* and over hundred new 6* got recognition on the stage!

فیس بک پر پیج کو لائک کرنے کے لیے یھاں کلک کریں


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