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Tiens Slimming belt - admin - 02-24-2017

TIENS Slimming Belt was designed to help people lose weight and it is functioning based on the theory of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture therapy combined with the theories of sports science. Essentially, this approach uses varying oscillating speeds to stimulate acupressure points on the abdomen which are known to have slimming and digestion effects and benefits. Chinese physicians refer to these acupressure points as the ‘Guan Yuan’, ‘Tian Shu’, ‘Si Man’, ‘Shui Fen’ and ‘Zhong Wan’. After a hard day at work or at home, use the belt to give a great massage for the lower back and other areas feeling the stresses and strains of every day life.

RE: Tiens Slimming belt - arunkumar22 - 11-16-2017

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