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TIENS Myanmar New Compensation Plan Launch Conference 2016
On June 29, 2016,"New Beginnings, New Development, New Future-TIENS Myanmar New Compensation Plan Launch Conference 2016" had a grand opening. Representatives of business partners from China Region, Asia-Pacific Region and South-Asia Region attended the conference to discuss and express their views on the New Compensation Plan which will bring fresh energy to the market. As the sacred flame of TIENS undertakings is passed from one place to another, the New Compensation Plan overseas promotion kicked off first in Myanmar. 

During the convention, Chairman Li made a real-time communication and interaction with the attendees through live connection, which encouraged the TIENS members greatly. Chairman Li delivered his amicable voice from TIENS Group headquarters by strategically illustrating the market appeal and the peculiar advantages of the New Compensation Plan! According to Chairman Li, Myanmar is the first to implement the New Compensation Plan among overseas markets. He hoped that all TIENS business partners in Myanmar could work together and set the good example for other overseas markets. Over the past twenty years, TIENS has helped a large number of people to achieve success. On the third wave of business development, it will adhere to the principle of harmony, unity and prosperity, and strive to realize the Five No.1. TIENS will make improvements in all aspects. It is believed that the New Compensation Plan is bound to achieve great success and change the life of more and more people. 

The business elites all expressed their gratitude to the Chairman and all senior executives, expecting the implementation of the New Compensation Plan in their countries. Furthermore, they also expressed their confidence and resolution that the Myanmar market and other markets would carry out successful operations. 

Now the flame of New Compensation Plan has been lighted and is believed to inspire the global market rapidly. "New Beginnings, New Development, New Future", TIENS is bound to have a promising future! TIENS, No.1 in China and in the world!

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